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Top Excuses for Not wearing Contact Lenses | Long Island Eye Doctor

What’s Your Excuse For Not Wearing Contact Lenses?
Joel Kestenbaum, OD

What’s your Contact lens excuse?

“My contacts are uncomfortable.”
“I’ve tried contact lenses with another doctor and was told I can’t wear them.”
“I have an astigmatism.”
“I am old and need bifocals.”
“I’m lazy and don’t want to bother putting on contacts.”
“I’d like contact lenses just for sports but they’re too expensive to wear part time.”
“I need bifocals, so I don’t think I can wear contact lenses”

There are hundreds of reasons and excuses not to wear contact lenses. But the reality is, contact lenses are easy to wear, comfortable if fit properly, available for the majority of visual needs and not expensive at all.

Think about the Growth of Contact Lenses

Sometime around the mid 1970’s, soft contact lenses were brought to the US market. Since then, millions and millions of people have tried and now successfully wear contact lenses today. Contact lens manufacturers are developing and have developed contact lenses for just about everyone. This is the age of the baby boomers and an ever-increasing population with ever-increasing needs.

Today, contact lenses are available specifically for people with dry eyes and a variety of eye diseases. Lenses are obtainable for overnight or extended wear, single use or daily use, astigmatism or toric, bifocal or multifocal, soft or rigid gas permeable, combination hard and soft lenses.Patient requirements are vast and so are the choices of contact lenses.

A knowledgeable eyecare professional will have all contact lenses types at his or her disposal. So in the year 2008, don’t let any eyecare professional tell you that you can’t wear contacts. If you are motivated and are counseled to the proper expectations, you can wear contacts………and affordably.


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  1. This is very informative …. I think some of us are a bit behind on the amazing advances in contact lens technology these days … you’re right … it seems there are no more excuses we can make. What do you think about fun contact lenses? Do you think they should always come as prescription contacts or are non-prescription safe enough?

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