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Contact Lens Fitting Philosophy | Long Island Eye Doctor

Contact Lens Fitting Philosophy
Joel Kestenbaum, OD

Many patients and colleagues have asked me over the years what my philosophy is for fitting contact lenses. Why is it that my practice, Optix Family Eyecare Center, is one of the largest contact lens practices in the northeast? Why are you so successful?

The answer is simple.

I fit the lens to the patient and not the patient to the lens. What does that mean exactly? Well, as the owner of a private optometry practice and because I make all the decisions, I am able to use any contact lens I deem appropriate for my patients.

Eye doctors that work for optical chains or even private optical stores do not have this freedom. This may be due to corporate policy or the doctors are given only the lenses that the company bought at the cheapest price. The point is that these doctors have a restriction as to what is available to them.

At Optix, we have available at our fingertips every lens manufactured and we can even custom design lenses if needed. And our staff will sit with you for hours, if needed, to educate you on insertion and removal techniques and proper lens care.

What else?

I don’t give up. My associates don’t give up. We work hard to fit the appropriate lens to the patient. We try and try until we’ve exhausted all possibilities. And that’s hard to do with the wide variety of contact lens materials available to us today.

So if you are looking for eyecare professionals who are at the top of their game for fitting contact lenses, try Optix Family Eyecare Center. You will be glad you did!

-Dr. Joel Kestenbaum

Serving Plainview, Woodbury, Old-Bethpage, Jericho, Melville, Roslyn, Hicksville, Syosset and the Long Island Community!


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  2. I have stopped using certain optometrists because they gave me contacts that just weren’t for me. I’m glad someone is actually doing some good work out there.

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  3. very interesting

  4. good read.

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